Monday, October 22, 2007

The sun has set

...on the current *dish* *bish*. It may come back again, but could also decide to remain a passive participant of blogosphere.

I've enjoyed doing this, and if I do decide to come back again, Im looking forward to connecting with all of you once again. I've made many friends here - Daniel Gallivanter, Lily The Liverbird, Desparil, 9, the Hantubola fellas, Anttyk, Mong, Mamabola, A Shabby Singh, Visithra, Mirabelle, Doreen, Jemima, etc... and have also deepened my friendship with those I know offline - Mr. D, Metria, K Shan, Mat Kolej, etc.

To those of you who have me on your Facebook - do continue keeping in touch there.