Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Top 10 Thoughts of the Week

There is something to be said about having a new-born baby: all those sleepless nights means you are supposed to have extra time awake thinking new thoughts.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the lamest excuse for not updating this space in general, and for lazy, half-hearted updates (like this one) when I do eventually get around to it.

That aside, these are my Top 10 Thoughts of the Week, in no particular order (I was too lazy to prioritise):

1. Treble? Quadruple?
... and specifically what must teams like Liverpool and AC Milan think about all this nonsense of a United vs. chelsea final? Come to think of it, what must AC Milan be thinking about people saying they're gatecrashing the English FA Cup?

Something is seriously amiss here, and I think all this talk about bringing the Cup back to England is going to result in some serious karmatacks ('karma attacks', or my feeble attempt of creating an inlusion for Webster's next edition).

2. Roy Keane
It looks like he's coming back up (wiht Sunderland) to where the action is, and the Premiership could do with a bit of this maverick if you ask me. Boy, am I looking forward to the impending chelsea vs Sunderland games, just so Mourinho can see what a real tough guy is like. I'd like to see him try some stunt on Keane, instead of picking on geriatrics like Ferguson, Wenger and lately Senor Benitez.

Let's see you try your nonsense on this guy, Jose!

3. chelsea
My loathing for the club grows deeper and deeper, and it was a real true pleasure seeing them sulk off the field after the goalless draw with Newcastle (thanks Titus Bramble for your performance of the season!).

From now on - purely for the purposes of registering my very poor estimate of this club - I will always type 'chelsea' in lowercase, with the C in chelsea never capitalised (to further mark my protest, I have even refused to colour this sub-header).

Anyone with contact to the Stamford Bridge press room, please do pass along this bit of protest from the Far East.

4. George Boateng
... must be feeling pretty lousy in spite of that 'precious' point, as the Middlesborough captain saw the match finish with Ronaldo's ankles still in tact. Turned out to be all talk, eh Georgey Boy!

5. Christiano Ronaldo
Now he's been good this season, but he's certainly not Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year good? I still think Either one should have gone to another player, either to Drogba for the former (he has single handedly brought chelsea to where they are) or Cesc Fabregas for the latter (the only shining light in a terrible season for Arsenal) .

Sure he's good, but that good?

6. Sri Lanka vs. Australia
The line-up for the ICC Cricket World Cup final is still on the cards, and they square off with New Zealand and South Africa respectively in this weekend's semi-finals. The Lankans lost to the Australians in the Super Eights, but it was a defeat shrouded in strategy; by not fielding their best two bowlers (Mutthiah Muralitharan and Chaminda Vaas) they have effectively not shown their hand and will unleash the two 'secret weapons' in the expected final against the defending champions.

The way the tournament has been going for the Lankans, they just might get away with it. And deservedly so!

7. Lewis Hamilton
Is this guy every bit as good as the papers say he is. Team McLaren have long been bereft of a worthy champion (Raikonnen flattered to deceive), and the time has got to be now. Between him and Alonso they have got to get it done this year.

This will all be a waste of good bubbly if they both don't land McLaren some serious silverware

8. The Old Trafford injury list
... grows longer and longer, and it now looks like United wll certainly field their 2nd string defence (minus Mikael Silvestre) in the upcoming crunch matches against chelsea, AC Milan and the rest of the Premiership. Has the early seaon chelsea curse come north?

9. Sir Alex Ferguson
Will this be Fergie's last season should he manage to once again win the treble? I certainly can't see him doing any better than this season, whether or not he pulls it off. Would he leave?

And importantly, who are the candidates primed as his successor? I really do think no list would be complete without the names of two managerial prodigies and Old Trafford's favourite sons Roy Keane and Mark Hughes (too bad for West Brom and Bryan Robson).

... and finally:

10. When, oh when will she sleep through the night?
Any parents out there with some good advice?


Gallivanter said...

As long as Liverpool don't win the CL. :-P

Desparil said...

silvestre being out is a POSITIVE, IMO...

Jemima said...

Oooohhh! Isabel has been keeping Daddy awake... :p

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... be a daddy is not easy right? Yeah... Hamilton! I'm looking forward how he beat Alonso.

visithra said...

heheh aww shes adorable - n y comments r off ah?

Mr D said...

Hehehehe....maybe she cant sleep coz of your snoring!

Take care of Metria dude....just dropped her off and also I finally blogged

lilyliverbird said...

1. kudos for being objective about christina. agree about fibreglass.

2. big sam cabut before fergit can kiss him ha ha

Red Raven said...

Hmmm...I was sulking the whole day.Now..task in hand, beat City and let the gooners do us a favor at the Emirates....

this is the game!!

Monster Mom said...

Hope Kaka will shine again!

How in the world did the Sri Lankan let the OZs win. Big time!

Hamilton? Nah... Raikonnen's still the man...

last but not least...Hahahaha... sleep well friend!!!!

lilyliverbird said...

hey keropok, you must be over the moon today. Congrats Champions! Update lah wei.

Mr D said...

Congrats on the title. Hard to say, but u guys were the most consistent team the season and did what you had to do, got the luck and the non-penalty calls when needed. Heck you even gave chekski a couple of chances to catch up.

I guess we gave you chance to catch up and now we must rebuild the gap!

Red Raven said...

We are the Champions!!! We are the Champions!!!

Sakun said...

Shes adorable! :D

Sakun said...

heya Mr Keropok! ;P

Im no parent, but was watching a tv programme on parenting and there was this lil bit bout sleeping and all..

'they' said that the baby should be kept busy at day times...try giving the baby toys and speak/ play with her during the day. Make bath time interactive and all...and then at night, she'll sleep on her own coz she'd be tired...

Itll be a bit difficult on the first few days..but should be alryte afterwards ( thats wat 'the people on tv' say.. :D )

Guess you could try it, not sure if itll work though :D...

have a blessed day!!