Monday, July 24, 2006

Fresco fiasco #2

Aisay, man...

I don't know how old this is (that's beside the point)... but after Fresco Fiasco #1, now this?

And we thought this was a club above such cheap theatrics?

Koppers, pray tell what the rest of us humble masses are to make of it.


lilyliverbird said...

Bloody hell. At last my larlings Owen and Robbie are not there.

After Istanbul, I expect.

A Shabby Singh said...

Keropok, you're upset because...???

1. Religious infraction, or
2. You're a Manure fan?

bisutulibuta said...

Adik Pok,...abang tertipu ler dik. Ingat u post gambar lucah masa promo kat blog si Burdd..ceh ceh ceh..tak baik tipu orang tua.

spiller said...

Lily: i think Owen is next to Cisse.

Keropok: fanatics.. don't bother.

lilyliverbird said...

* chup: I meant to say 'at least' up there.

S. McMahon said...

As a former Liverpool great, I truly feel ashamed and upset at this... some fan truly cross the line, even if some bona-fide goals are ajudged not to.

Doesn't detract from the fact that we're still way better than the hopeless, incompetent bugger-wankers up in Ol' Trafford.

Later, fools!

Keropok said...

Lily, Isn't that Lil' Mikey I see between Risse and See-say? Or is it S. Finnan?

Shabbers, some things you just don't touch. Like religious art (this notwithstanding the glorified fiction that was The Da Vinci Code)

Mintak ampun, Pak Bisu... Truly no misrepresentation meant. I think none was present also lah bro... Whatever pic you imagines I had of the 'burd', I don't... to my utter regret :)

Is that Owen, or a fatter Finnan, Spiler. Fan-atics give the whole lot a poor name, don't they.

And what did I ever do to deserve a visit by one of Anfield's greats - S. McMahon. I always wished I could meet you, so I could say face to face how much your Malay Mail and ESPN commentary sucks (at least you're in like company on Astro, tho...)

lilyliverbird said...

That is soooo not Owen. Owen is a lot cuter than that. Plus Crotchless is there but not Robbie.

visithra said...

i agree there are lines not to cross - n religion is one

ps : take a break n then restart bloging - ure having post wc hangover ;)

Daniel Franklin Gomez said...

I'm a Catholic, and I'm not at all fazed by this. :-)

Listen to visithra my friend, take a breather...and then let's converge for some drinks and backbiting bout Liverpool fans or something...hahaha!

Mong said...

Aisay man, like this oso you want to heboh2 ah?

At least Everton will not resort to such rubbish.

Keropok said...

Good advice, Daniel, Visithra... Nothing to say doesnt mean you gotta blog about it, right? :)

But I have to say Daniel - and my being Catholic too has nothing to do with it - that some things you just don't cross. Religion is one of them. Religious sensitivity is so subjective, that what amuses some folks, offends some other.

The Last Supper is one of the mst recognisable pieces of art in Christianity. A while ago Nike ran an ad that depicted Rooney's "Resurrection" (the one where he was painted in red paint, like St George's cross) before the Trinadad game.

Amused some folks. Offended some others.

I'm not asking for the head of the perpetrator on a platter. All I'm doing is stating for the record that this - like many others which attempt humour using aspects of religion - are in very, very poor taste.

So here's my saying a big "Tsk Tsk" to them (which is really my polite way of saying "Fuck you") :)

Anonymous said...

Good grief, not another over-reacting imbecile. What you gonna do now, Miss Keropok....... declare a fatwa on the artist? Or on Liverpool???

Narrow-minded idiots like you really annoy me. A real throwback to the stone ages you are. Fucking caveman!

Doreen said...

HAHA. MISS keropok. Why is Anon so pissed off?

K.M.Phang said...

Keropok got a gremlin out to kick / punch / maim him for some wrong done, apparently..........

Who hates you this much, brudder?

Keropok said...

Doreen, Phang... apparently some nincompoop who calls me 'Miss', then a sentence later refers to me as caveMAN. Bugger got gender confusion, I think.

BTW, Keropok is male (last time I checked at least... YUP, still male)

podgykat said...

Hi Kerops, some people got nothing better to do lah. Hey, waiting for your write-up on Floyd's Barret. Do you like any of the sogs on the Piper At The Gates of Dawn album? Take care now.

Ghost Particle said...

holly liverpool! damn we look good! And rafalution continues...!

Anonymous said...

What so cheap about this, you whinger? It's creative, it's hip... and at least we won something of worth in recent years.

What has your wuss club Manure won anyway???

Stop your whining!

9 said...

observation #1. is robbie not in it b'coz he's GOD? heh.

observation #2. unlike the priory's theory, pepe's sexuality is not in questioned.

observation #3. even kopites can be crass sumtimes. dum-dee-dum

Keropok said...

'Allo 'allo Podgy. I have to get round to spinning a tale on Barrett soon. Loved the Piper (loved The Gnome, Astronomy Domine, Matilda Mother, et al)

"Pick up thy stethescope and walk, dammit" :)

I shall one day drop by Ghost's place for a quick haunting. Thanks for stopping by, dude!

"9": #1 agree. #2 agree (I guess so...) #3 definitely agree.

Fellas, I seem to have a tick in me armpit... any ideas how I can get rid of it?