Tuesday, August 29, 2006

An unlikely hundred percent

My goodness!

I would have never expected this from even my beloved Manchester United... but what the heck, you take what you can get, I guess. My instinct tells me never to gloat, because I know from years of experience - especially in recent years - that karma is a bitch that bites your bollocks bloody hard (fellow MU fans, please say this enthusiastically, emphasising the Bs - and mean it!).

So, we're a bit rough around the edges, but with a bit more growing up, and a little less f**king up, we might just see the end of the season with a bit more optimism than we did before we started it.

Good luck, fellas!

Allow me to welcome and old friend and fellow colleague who has just joined us in blog-o-land. Boys and girls, say hello to Senor Sreejit - a "tell-it-like-it-is", "keepin-it-real" kinda dude. And he writes a good tale.

Those who know Sreejit know what a top bloke this guy is, except for two very pertinent points:

1. His obsession with fitness, (and I believe that fitness is a serious impediment to a social life); and

2. He's a Spurs fan. Only 1 of 4 that I know of. In the world.
I'm off to London, England tomorrow. Some glam autosports project, which includes a day at the famous Silverstone, in the pits, paddock, observing a test, and a possibly elaborate attempt on my part to plant a kiss on the famous tarmac where the greats of the sports laid rubber.

If I should return with charred lips, don't ask why.

Will I kiss the hallowed tarmac?


Mong said...

Haven't checked your blog in a while... and what progress there has been in the EPL eh.

Do those 4 Spurs fan include me and A Shabby Singh?

Gallivanter said...

As I have said before, never write off Manure. Tho I never expected them to be this quick off the blocks. Should be an interesting season.

Have a safe trip to London.

Desparil said...

i think we've been quite lucky la for the 3 games.. wait til tougher opponents show up.. then we'll know for sure.

whatever happens, i will always believe..

Jemima said...

I'll say the karma by emphasising the Bs & I will mean it. :p

Have a good & safe trip to London. :)

Kenny Ng said...

I hope they will keep the momentum. Anyway, what u work as? Something deal with race track? Cool man... can get any free F1 ticket at Sepang next season? Paddock can ah? Hehehe... I started watching F1 n football together since primary school. My wish is to watch a real F1 race in my life :)

Doreen said...

Hehe, let's just what happens to MU from here on. They won the first 3 games last season as well right? But then they lost the subsequent 3. Good luck indeed!

Have a kick-ass trip to London. If you see Fergie, smack him on the head. If you see Rafa, kick his balls. HAHA.

Gallivanter said...

Since when Rafa has balls? Hahahahahaha!

Mr D said...
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Mr D said...

DF better watch what you say about Rafa. At least he has managed to beat Barca in comp over two seasona and won in europe!

nonetheless, Keropok, have a safe one! enjoy silvestone

lilyliverbird said...

have a good trip. bring back a new fowler miniature for me :D

Ariel said...

have a good trip. :-)

Freak & Geek said...

hei, i think alicia is ok.

i adore her since that movie clueless. yes, my ambition then was to be a high skool bimbo but unsuccesful lah due to unforeseen circumstances.heheheh

btw, come back in 1 piece!

spiller said...

macha, Mascherano and Tevez just signed for West Ham.

West Ham! WTF?!

i feel your pain bro ;)

Keropok said...

Hello folks, and greetings from London, Eng-ur-land!

The folks are are totally baffled by the Tevez-Mascherano-WHU deal... its certainly full of intrigue, and very, very complicated.

WHU are my 2nd team, anyways, and I really do wish them well.

My next post will be a warp up of my Silverstone journey, and of course the analysis of the WHU deal.

As they say right here in Milton-Keynes... watch right out for it!