Friday, August 11, 2006

The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away

This quick photoshop job means there surely will be new jerseys next season

With all the flak that Manchester United has had to take lately, surely, the last thing the club needs are its own fans turning up the volume on them.

But let's face it, this is a club in serious trouble. After a dozen or so years of glory (the treble, doubles, and thophies and titles aplenty), this is an institution coming apart at the seams.

Roy Keane is gone. Never to return. And we have replaced this legend with caricatures, at best (Neville as captian, Carrick in the midfield role).

Alex Ferguson will never be at his tactical and strategic best again. He is even polite to journalists these days, much less to Jose Mourinho.

David Gill is no fit top-hat for a club this big. We have become impotent on the transfer market, and unwittingly have let good players go for far less than we we're willing to pay for mediocre replacements. He belongs in a Malaysian GLC.

The team is is shambles. Rooney and Ronaldo. A questionable defence. A unsorted midfield. An almost toothless attack. No depth on the bench.

All that record season-ticket sales will only mean that the fans are expecting much of the club. An expectation that sadly doesn't look close to being met.

Instead, we gaze enviously at Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, and even Spurs, as we dream about the stuff we could do if we could just pinch player from each of those clubs.

Yes, I know I am one fickle minded bugger. First I said the emperor was naked. Then I thought I saw his clothes. Then I realised it was a fig leaf after all.
I can now see all his wringkly bits. Ain't that a sight!


Jemima said...

Yep. The club have had problems after problems & looks like more problems ahead.. & the season hasn't even started yet. #sigh#sigh#

Mong said...

Bloody bugger you, try to psyche us opponents up issit???

Even mention Spurs alongside the other sohais some more - cheh!

PabloPabla said...

sigh...sob sob

Mirebella said...

It is a tad cynical but you know what ? Your jz expressing what we fans are thinking *no, am not talking about those flash in the pan Bangsar pasar malam ex Man Utd now Chelsea jersey wearing fans* - but the ones who are still sticking with the team despite its slump in form.

Ruud leaving is jz the icing to the cake - we have Ole but comeone - he is 33. Rooney - too mentah - and he needs to get the ball fed to him. Another King Cantona? Altho Richie Jones has some potential - but he needs some more experiance which he isnt getting at this point.

What we really need is to start honing and cultivating the youth team as we did in the 80's - and even if it means a drop for at least 5-8 yrs - it will reap long term rewards - our golden era - the Neville Bros.. Beckham *horrors*, Giggsy - those were our heyday seriously.

We need fresh meat - not trying to pay for overprized, petulant "stars".

A more dependable goalie perhaps? Van de Sar is ok - but look at what Schmeichel did for us. That man was a terror - and a good one at that!

I miss the good ol days *sob sob*

Yours and forever
Red Devil fan :-)

Soccer Lingam said...

So so cynical macha... that's very unlike a Manyoo fan. Are you sure you're a bona-fide Mancunian, not some Liverpool fan in disguise?

Kenny Ng said...

Man Utd forever!!! Actually I don't really have the fever on that anymore, anyway I still support MU coz they r my favorite team since I was a kid... I just don't really watch they play. I think we have same in common brader... MU + Pink Floyd fan!!! Long live MU!!! Long Live Pink Floyd!

*p/s: Heard that Pink Floyd gonna reunion again to tribute Syd Barrett, I really can't wait for it!

soccer lingam said...


I just observed your new logo. Hebat!

spiller said...

the same I felt for Liverpool when season 2004/05 started.

but then, the Rafalution rolled on.

hopefully MU will have something too.

*i still hate MU, juz don't wan our brother here so sad*

Desparil said...

i still believe...

Daniel Franklin Gomez said...

Support the real Manchester while you still can...Man City... :-)

Keropok said...

'Tis sad indeed, Jemima and PablePabla. We'll keep those fingers crossed 90 minutes each week, no?

Mong, even if I was trying reverse pshychology, I sure as hell wouldn't dream of sharing it with a Spurs fan, of all people. Tak malu, kah - got two other London clubs more successful than yours? :)

Keropok said...

Thanks for your musing, Mirebella - you've found a kindred spirit. For the life of me, I can't imagine what we're all in for, not just this seaon but the coming ones as well.

Those of us who supported Man Utd before the glory days (when the ex-Liverpool, ex-Leeds Utd fans trickled into our ranks) know what it's like to be mid-table rubbish.

What we need to get us through the coming famine is a true legend - much like Bryan Robson did in those days.

Keropok said...

Congrats, Soccer Lingam for being the only one to comment on the emblem. For that Liverpool fan comment, you get no prize!

Kenny Ng... shine on! There are a few Pink Floyd fans who read my blog. We should all get together for that re-union, if it happens.

And don't bluff la Spiller... somewhere in that heart of yours beats the belief that you're supporting the wrong Reds ;) Thanks for the good wishes anyway, bro...

Keep the fire going, Desparil.

The real Manchester club, eh Daniel??? Did you know there was a robbery at the City of Manchester Stadium recently, and the entire contents of their trophy cabinet was stolen???

Police are on the lookout for two men with a pale light blue carpet!!!

Kenny Ng said...

Cool man... can't wait for the moment, Pink Floyd fans reunion, so we can talk about it and jamming with their songs.

Cosmic_GurL said...

OMG! Dejavu...This was exactly wht my bf said too! Red Devils stick together eh? U, him and Desparil would have a LOT to talk about during a teh tarik session :)

lilyliverbird said...

Been there bro. But one gotto have faith. It's the difference between fans and supporters.

Not that I support MU or anything, but I understand where you're coming from.

This passion of ours, it can a be curse.

Doreen said...

cannot like that deeeyyy. prep talk for the upcoming season so negative oneeee? then again. you stated the truth. and the truth hurts. like freaking hell it hurts! OMG 2006/07 is gonna one looooong ride.

Then again, on another note altogether, Community Shield last nite was like rain after a month of drought! Muahahaha.

Mr D said...

you are a true fan to stick to the teamthrough the storms, the droughts and the clear skies. such is football , some teams go up and some go down. But no love for ManU, then the same can be said for other teams. do not worry you stil have John O'Shea!


visithra said...

now that last para - thats ur classic touch

sigh theres a storm brewing - goes its gonna be a stormy season at mu

Keropok said...

If only we were lucky enough to go see it for ourselves, Kenny... keep me updated anyway, I might just decide to spend all the money I DON'T have to go watch it.

Cosmic_Gurl... the REAL Man Utd fans stick together. The others went away to Arsenal, Newcastle, Chelsea and now perhaps back to Liverpool :)

Jangan marah Lily... this passion is a curse maa...

Keropok said...

Thank God the season's starting again Doreen, I was running out of excuses to blog.

Mr D, thank Jah for John O'Shea... there's only one O'Shea... there's only one O'Shea... there's only one O'Shea.

Thanks very much Vis... you're always very kind. I didn't know I had a classic touch. What is it again? :)