Thursday, October 19, 2006

An opportunity to focus

...not for the sportsmen who will hold my attention for the next few days, but rather for myself, since I'm planning to devoting much of my time over the next week's holidays tuning in to enjoy some very exciting sporting occasions:

1. Man Utd v Liverpool - here's hoping the table topping winning streak continues, or failing that, a bloody good game for all of us to savour;

2. The F1 Brazilian GP - I have profound respect for Michael Schumacher, but I'm not looking forward to seeing him on the top step of the podium this weekend. He's certainly good enough for it though, mind you... but I'd rather see him go off quietly, than bask in the a glow of glory that he has frankly overstayed. Statistically the best driver the sport as seen; whether he is the greatest is certainly up to debate, and I certainly count Senna, Prost and Fangio above him.

Ta-ra Mikey... I'll try not to miss you
Enjoy the festival of lights, and eid-ul-fitr!


Kenny Ng said...

MU rules!
Yes... i agree that Senna, Prost and Fangio is above than Schumacher. I hope Mclaren wins for the closing season.

Gallivanter said...

Hahahahahahaha! Senna, Prost and Fangio better than Schumacher! Hahahaha! You funny man! :-)

Jemima said...

Miss your updates & your visits, my friend.

GO MAN UTD!!! Make it a good start for my 10-Day break. :D

Wish you a good Deepa-Raya, too. ;)


Mr D said...

Hmmmm.....hope the holidays are good. Lets hope its a cracker and I have a feelingthe pool weill play well but lose 2-0 ala Cheqski!

Did you know Schummie is a Pool fan!! him beign such a w@nker I figure he be a Red Devil!


spiller said...

happy holidays bro!

Keropok said...

Mr D, Gallivanter and Kenny Ng: Schumi fans seem to me as some Man Utd fans must seem to you... they bloody think his poo don't stink.

He is a brilliant driver no doubt. Statistically the best the sport has ever seen. But consider the context of him winning in an age when rivals were few and far between. Hill, Hakkinen and now Alonso (don't even remind me about the loser Villenueve)were the only ones (in a span of a dozen years, mind you) that have given him a run for his money now and then. When machinery was equal, Schumi could have been, and often was, well and truly beaten.

Senna, Prost, Piquet, Mansell all raced in the same grid season after season, when powere was rarely concentrated within one team. Even the McLaren in the 80's had formidable competition from Williams, Benetton and the occasional Lotus or Brabham.

Give shumacher his props: he is one of the most successful sportsmen in the world, and perhaps, perhaps a much nicer guy than what we see on the grid.

But greatest? Surely not.

podgykat said...

Happy Deepavali, Kerops! Enjoy.

Mirebella said...

We won .. we won!

And Schumacher did himself proud by nearly getting on the podium too .. love him or hate him - he is amazing :-)

Metria said...

Yay... Man Utd won! I get to gloat while Mr D sulks.

I hate Schumi. Bring back Hakkinen, I say!

Galllivanter said...

Most championship titles, Most consecutive championship titles, Most race wins, Most consecutive race wins,Most race wins with one team, Most race wins at the same GP, Most different GPs (by country) won, Most second place finishes, Most podium finishes, Most consecutive podium finishes,
Most points finishes, Most laps leading, Most pole positions, Most starts from first row, Most fastest laps, Most doubles (pole position and race win), Most hat-trick (pole position, race win and fastest lap), Most championship points, Most consecutive race finished without retirement, Most championship points in a season for a vice-world champion, Only racing driver ever, in any racing class, to win 5 times at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Only racing driver ever, in any racing class, to win 5 times at Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Most race wins in a season, Most championship points in a season, Most podium finishes in a season...

Wow, you're right about Senna, Prost and Fangio! LOL.

Keropok said...

Gallivanter, of course I'm right, and what you say totally vindicates what I said. Pay attention here... "Stastitically the best driver ever. Perhaps even the most successful sportsman."

But put him against other WDC winners and he is often beatable, or at worst, ordinary. I have too many examples... perhaps the next post.

Remember this: for a long time Schumacher raced against kids, with a subservient teammate, with the best machinery of the field, and with the absence of other champions on the grid (don't even bring up Villenueve).

Sorry, but in my book, he'll never be greatest.

Soccer Lingam said...

I do not like Schumacher. Who cares about stats. He's a f***ing cheater (vs Hill, Villenueve, Alonso, etc...)

And he looks like Ruud van Nistelrooy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!