Thursday, October 26, 2006

The toppermost of the poppermost

We have always associated being on top as something good. Being on top of the world is what an elated person might say. Being on top of a situation means being in control. Some would say the politics of the bedroom is about who is - and often who isn't - on top.

There was a famous conversation that The Beatles were reported to have had early in their career: John Lennon asked the other three, "Where are we going lads?"

They replied, "To the top, Johnny."
"How far on top?" asked John.
"To the toppermost of the poppermost," came the reply.

Arms, heads and spirits are starting to rise at Old Trafford

Three months ago I would have never thought my beloved Man Utd would be sitting on top of the table at this point of the season. As all Man Utd starts go, this season saw the Red Devils sprint off the blocks with a near perfect start. The draw against Reading and the loss against Arsenal notwithstanding, Man Utd certainly aren't doing as badly as I initially thought they would be.

The pre-season threw up all measure of doubt: I was cynical at first, then I started believing, then my faith faltered again... and again, then I suddenly started believing.

I'm starting to believe big time now. Watching them blow a hapless Liverpool out of the waters of Old Trafford - and make no mistake about it, Liverpool were thoroughly outclassed last Sunday - was certainly very, very easy on the eye.

If its true what they say that this Man Utd team are yet to hit their peak this season, then the fans have got much reason to be optimistic. The old boys like Scholes, Giggs, Solksjaer and Neville are remnants from seasons gone when this team know nothing but winning; it is deeply encouraging to see them lead the charge this year.

Rooney hasn't found his form yet, but despite this seeming 'crisis' people are scoring from almost every position. Ferdinand, Vidic, Fletcher, and even dear ol' Johnny O' Shea have pipped in with goals.

Contrast that with a Liverpool or Andrei Shevchenko, why don't you?

A Reebok pumping
Still, the true test for Premiership or Champions League aspirants awaits Man Utd this weekend: away to Bolton. Any team who wants to stand up and be counted must be able to come away from the Reebok with a result.

More than Old Trafford or Anfield, and certainly more than Stamford Bridge, it is a Bolton team at home which have scuppered the ambitions of probable league leaders before. They have been the bane / Archilles heel / banana skin of many a good team. This game will be no different.

Bolton Wanderers vs. Manchester United.
LIVE from the Reebok Stadium. Saturday, 28th October. 10pm. This is the match of the week.


Soccer Lingam said...

Not just Bolton, but Blackburn, Middlesboro and Portsmouth as well. All are potential banana skins for the so-called big teams.

And not forgetting "my beloved" SPURS!!!!!

Gallivanter said...

Bolton surely do have the way to neutralize the big clubs. It'll be an interesting matchup, and I wouldn't be surprised if this game ends with a draw. Just wishing that Chelsea drop points before Shevchenko and Ballack hit top gear.

Kenny Ng said...

go go MU!

spiller said...

too good to be true, eh?

we'll see where u are come this X'mas.

have a nice weekend.

Mirebella said...

We won ... we won *doing a lil jig around* ... whoohoo!

fingers crossed that its not a flash in the pan syndrom - we tend to loose steam once the new yr starts.

Jemima said...

Rooney must have read your post before the match. LOL.

Man, what a HAT-TRICK! :D

Mamabola said...

Yeah, looked like your post worked on Rooney. What a hat-trick, and what a performance from Man Utd!

They play like this all season, and I'm pretty sure the Premiership is coming back to its home at Old Trafford.

Keropok said...

Soccer Lingam: I got news for you, mate... we already beat your beloved Spurs!

Gallivanter: I share your wish re: Chelsea. The 4-0 against Bolton - at the Reebok, mind you - wasnt bad at all, was it?

Kenny Ng, Spiller: Too good to be true indeed. My pre-season doom and gloom were wrong as wrong can be... but as they say, it aint over till its over.

Mirebella, Jemima, Mamabola: Thanks for all the good wishes. I'm pleased as cheese, but I'll save the victory jiggle for when we actually win the damned thing!

sic6sense said...


i'll probably choke on this but ManU is playing the best football by a Crouch's mile.

wot i dont get, are the idiots calling for Rafa's head.

Desparil said...

oh ye of little faith...

Anonymous said...

From someone who doesnt have the time of day for that damned team, and hope to God they don't win anything... I have to say well done to Manyoo for a terrific performance against Bolton.

But Manyoo being Manyoo, they will eventually let this go to their head and suffer an inconsistent winter that will leave them about 7-9 points off the pace come the New Year.

Then there will be an awesome consistency right till the end of the season, but it will be too little too late.

Typical Manyoo...

Prof Xavier

Kop Trollop said...

Here I am.

I'm so embarassed our defense made that drug addict looks like a top striker.

Football aside, i loike being on top too

podgykat said...

Hi Kerops, thanks for stopping by. Check out the song The Scorpions sang "just for me" on me blog ;-)

A Shabby Singh said...

Congratulations Manyoo. Keropok, you better stop laughing at top teams like Liverpool. And Spurs too. You don't want it biting your butt!!!

the kimster said...

Hey - I know that part of The Beatles folklore!!!!! :)

Keropok said...

sic6sense: Let's not choke on anything here, bro... not least if it affects our good run.

Desparil: Already the defeat against Copenhagen is scaring me, big time. *eep*

Prof Xavier: You're only too right when you say that, and my being a true fan means I need to be honest and face reality.

What is strange is that we always seem to drop points in the same weekend that Chelsea themselves drop point, hence failing to take advantage it any, er... advantage.

Keropok said...

Kop Trollop: How are your nails? That Rio goal was a stunner innit?

Podgykat: I'll stop by your blog soon.

Manyoo: I got no meat with Spurs mate... they just make me laugh with their sincerely genuine efforts to believe they're a top flight team. Every season!

Kimster: We all live in soe bloody submarine.