Wednesday, June 07, 2006

That's amore!

My heart is racing. My palms are sweaty. I have a strange craving for beer nuts.

When I turn on the television, I barely resist the temptation to switch to the ASTRO World Cup channels, where they're showing past qualifying matches and two-hour-long recaps on World Cups past.

My wife is starting to get very annoyed. I keep telling her "It's only once in four years, sweetie," but deep down I know I'm going to have to come up with something better.

I mean, what do I say when the annual football seasons commence in late August!

I said here that I still remember the day I sat in front of television one night /early morning in 1986, a starry-eyed 10-year-old, mouth agape, eyes as wide as saucers, when Argentina trounced (the then) West Germany 3-2 to lift the trophy for the 2nd time. I fell in love with football that day.

Well, it's here once again. And I'm looking forward to just 5 things:

1. One or two ridiculously glorious goals
Think Maradona vs England in 1986.
Think Baggio vs Bulgaria in 1994.
Think Cameroon's Roger Milla vs Columbia in 1990.

Think goals so obscene we head to bed dreaming of it!

2. Not-as-many stupid linesman decisions
World Cup's have been destroyed when overzealous 'assistant referees' reacted rashly to borderline off-sides fouls or off-the-ball sequences.

I know there will always be complaints, but all the people can't be wrong all the time!

3. Out with unsportsman-like behaviour
I have always been intrigued how the ruffians who play rugby often conduct themselves with more decorum that the wallahs without mouth guards, entrusted with a world audience of close to 1 billion.

No goading the referee to producing cards.
No play-acting.
No cynical, career-threatening fouls.
And no racism!

4. Some (but not too many) over-the-top goal celebrations
Remember Brian Laudrup and his "sleeping Buddha"? Or Bebeto and his "cradle rock"? Or the exhuberant Cameroon flers in 1990?

5. The music
The school bands from England. The samba drums and timbales from Brazil. The sombrero-donned mariachi trumpeters from the Latin countries. Turn volume up for maximum enjoyment!

They're all in Germany, and rearing to go.

It's here once again, baby... Blow that whistle. Let's get on with it!


Dame RoSse said...

aloha keropok,
i can feel the fever too...
the price of the jerseys are at the back of my head.
i am ban from my own living room.
snack food is doubled on the grocery list for June.
and i have been encouraged to have more of ladies' nite.
a retreat to the spa for your mrs would do wonders, i hope.

p.s: just discovered your blog.

Keropok said...

! dame rosse

The Mrs needs more books - she said it ought to compensate somewhat. So off I go to Kinokuniya.

Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by.

Daniel Franklin Gomez said...

I fell in love with football in 1990 when one LOTHAR MATTHAUS took centre stage... ;-)

Keropok said...

! Daniel: We're loving it all over again, my friend. Every once in four years we fall in love!