Monday, June 12, 2006

Yes, I said it here!

Since this is primarily a football blog, I thought I ought to post something from the World Cup feast of the past few days, before I kena gasak by more folks.

I thoroughly enjoyed the opening match and Germany looked very good against an equally impressive Costa Rica. With the Ecuadorians beating Poland, this group is still somewhat open, but only in a sense that the other three will be likely be fighting for the 2nd spot.

Germany shouldn't have a worry in the remaining two matches, central defenders notwithstanding. And they didn't even have Ballack on!

I will save my *dish* *bish* on England for later. But let me say that Trinidad & Tobago look to have bigger ambitions – and capabilities – in Germany than the English press seem to make of them. A slip up on Friday morning and Owen, Beckham et al may just find themselves doing the early shopping in Frankfurt.

Sweden need to buck up, and soon. Ibrahimovic seemed to be fighting a lone battle out front, as Larsson inexplicably had a poor game. Ljungberg kept going for personal glory with 90% of the chances that came his way. Either that or he thought his team-mates weren't good enough. Arsenal-ish show-boating no doubt. And then some...

My pick Argentina had a solid performance all round,
as I thought they would, and Pekermen fielded the right team, as I thought he would. They still have plenty on the bench. Not even a sniff (yet!) of Messi and Tevez. Aimar only had about 3 minutes. Many capable flers on the bench, and they’re all pretty hungry. Crespo and Saviola were incisive in attack. Riquelme, Mascherano and Heinze flexed their muscles big-time. It's all going to plan, and looking bloody good.

Didier enjoyed the zero-gravity ride in Hamburg
I caught the Holland v S&M game with a Dutch friend (thanks Matt Belanda!) and even he thought the boys in Orange seriously need to step up their game (and Matt Belanda is a big-time Holland sympathizer, even when times are not too good for them). Good personnel all round bar the hapless van Nistelrooy, and Robben was dynamite, but they seriously lack a mid-field lynchpin. Could Clarence Seedorf have done it?

The Mexicans were very, very good against Iran (another surprisingly sound performance, btw), hustling, bustling, and totally bossing the 2nd half. Portugal need to improve beyond their 1-0 victory against Angola if they're looking to pip these hombres to top spot in Group C.

Now to England. What the *#&@ is Ericsson's problem? I seriously think this Swede is out to sabotage England's plans – what else could you make of his team selection and substitutions? Is this man as stupid as he seems?

And his ideas of Rooney "having a part in the T&T game" is having a profoundly worrying effect on Man Utd fans. Better watch it Sven... or we’ll be remembering Nuremburg for something else.

I said it
here that his preference for automatic starters like Beckham and Owen were going to be England's undoing, and that capitulation looks all the more impending. Expect it to happen against Sweden.

I also said his not fielding a holding midfielder was going to stretch Lampard and Gerrard. Both wilted in the German heat as they spread themselves too thin.

And what the fifi is he thinking with
Owen Hargreaves???

Plus England do not look to have the same depth of resources on the bench as say Argentina, Brazil, Germany or even Holland.

I have never been an England fan, but you can't help but feel that for a team boasting the talents of Lampard, Gerrard, Joe Cole, Terry, Lennon and Carrick (both unused – tsk tsk), Rooney (soon to be used – tsk tsk) and friends, they ought to be doing better.

As it is, they would have been troubled against a team slightly better than Paraguay. And Owen was the only player thus far to have a worse game than van Nistelrooy.

It's a laugh, amigos! Remember: look to that 2nd round exit against Germany. You read it here first.


Mong said...

Stop whacking Engurland la Keropok. But I have to admit you - and a million others - are damn right. SGE making Malaysian football coaches look intelligent.

Your pick Arg look quite solid, and I think they will go far. Big factor is a smart manager, good, intelligent players and lots of depth on the bench.

To think Engurland can only throw like of Hargreaves and Downing on is really sad man.

K M Phang said...

My predictions for tonights games:

Japan 3-2 Australia
USA 0-3 Czech Rep
Italy 1-1 Ghana

Portugal and Holland sucked!!!!! Theie weakness gonna be shown against Mexico and Argentina respectively.

Keropok said...

! Mong Po dah!

I know even unfortunate England (and Arsenal) fans like yourselves were cursing and sitting at the edge of your seats last Saturday. Esp during those last 15 mins when Paraguay laid siege to your Engurland's goal.

Agreed on Arg, tho. I knew you had some measure of taste somewhere.

! Phang Not far from my predictions. If any of those scores come true, you and I better start being creative about a busines plan in the next 3 weeks, bro...

kickciggys said...

first of all i have to say that the england match did not reach world cup standards at all!!i bet even wigan would have excelled if given the chance.what the *$%@ was SGE thinking by bringing on downing?lennon should have been called upon instead...tsk..tsk.holland did not play to its potential...i wonder where van der vaart is?did he get injured or something?argentina are definately a force to be reckon...and messi wasnt even on...cant wait for that.hoping today's round of fixtures will be something worth talking about.

Daniel Franklin Gomez said...

England's overrated. As simple as that. No one in the right frame of mind start both Gerrard and Lampard in the centre. That's been their downfall, but what do I know? My country has never won the world cup though they maybe have a slight chance of lifting the LAWN BOWL WORLD CUP in 2020. M'sia boleh!

Daniel Franklin Gomez said...
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Mr D said...

Keropok my friend. Did you see my AUSSIE boys come back?? HAHA. The kangaroos are bouncing around the land!!

What a game and how about 3 goals in 9 minutes!! Its like LIVERPOOL, winning from the brink of defeat.

The world cup is starting to warm up and my prediction is Argentina will be crowned champs! They looking good.

SVE is a clown as well and I think England will progress but it will be all due to guys like Gerrard and Lampard showing their class. But I hope he plays Rooney against T&T. HAHA

Keropok said...

! Kickciggys @ Met Rempit: Does it suprise you now, mate? After all this is England we're talking about! I - we - have all said too much about them.

See you on Friday at my place for the Group C matches.

! Daniel Franklin: Thanks for stopping by, bro. England has a very serious role to play in the World Cup.

Every WC has a downfall, but you can't have a 'downfall' if you're not up in the first place, no?

Every WC has a defeated champion, but you can't be termed such when nobody in the current team were even born in that dreaded year *cough*1966*cough*, no?

No, my friend... we all need a team so arrogant and self-absorbed, and so hapless despite their short-comings, just so the rest of us could sit back and watch in an elaborate scale the un-doing of the village idiot who thought too much of himself.

! Mr D: Congrats, congrats all round... I thought the Aussies really had it. And had Japan scored a second it may have been too much.

But what about that ending eh? IT is the World CUp indeed, hombre...

F*#&^!@g SGE gonna mess up Man Utd season if he risks Rooney at all. From the looks of it, i's happening already.

Boys, BOYS... did you see the Czech Republic? Now, THAT is class. The rest have got to be very afraid.

Anonymous said...

The Great England is always the prefered choice of those who form thier football knowledge with the assistance of Malay mail and Hasbullah Awang.Theo Walcott???Soon we can see the likes of John Barnes and Gary Linekar at the starting line up.You dont have to play first team competitive football what to play for England.


Keropok said...

! K Shan: Bro, even the Malay Mail isn't what it used to be anymore, but you're right about England fans.

I was watching the game vs Paraguay at Ronnie Qs, and was damn irritated by a group of pretty boy football fan wannabes with some of their chicks all dressed in England jerseys, pretending to know a heck of a lot about the game.

They knew rubbish! Spoke damn loudly about how England will win this World Cup - end of discussion, blah blah.

I turned round and told them to "Please shaddap" with my annoyed, unreasonable Indian look. Those college kids wouldn't argue with an Indian with a stout in his hand.

And when one of those Paraguay gringos fouled Beckham, way outside the penalty area (near the halfway line I think), one of the girls screamed "Penalty! PENALTY!"

Dude, WTF?

Metria said...

So, Keropok, meaning England won't win the World Cup ah? How come Beckham didn't get penalty? He's so good what, the referee should automatically give him a penalty even if he is fouled at the other end of the pitch. I don't understand lah. Can teach me about football ah?

Can you imagine if your partner is as bimbofied as that? I think you'd die, Keropok. All that pent up rage and frustration with super bimbotic comments will eat you up from inside until you explode.

Keropok said...

! Metria: The missus knows better la, but she sometimes throws a comment like that just to annoy me. She knows it gets on my nerves BIG TIME.

visithra said...

I will save my *dish* *bish* on England for later. But let me say that Trinidad & Tobago look to have bigger ambitions – and capabilities – in Germany than the English press seem to make of them. A slip up on Friday morning and Owen, Beckham et al may just find themselves doing the early shopping in Frankfurt.

- hehe this was so true - if not for terry and robinson - trinidad would have scored

at least there was not that many fake injuries as the first game - i agree germanys gonna kick them out - though it would be nice to see ecuador do it ;) ;p

Keropok said...

!visithra: Lucky, lucky England indeed!

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