Friday, June 02, 2006

This Lennon fler is good

I know much has been said about England’s Owen Hargreaves and how he is moving the earth for Bayern Munich, how he is a big asset to England, yada yada yada...

I watched him play in England’s team B embarrassment-of-a-match against Belarus, and his performance confirmed my prior rating of him: He is rubbish!


But, oh boy... did you see Aaron Lennon in action? The Belarus flers were putting 4 or 5 different guys on him, and none of them could contain this dude. Plenty positives for Spurs. Some positives for England.

Don’t bet on SGE playing him, though. God forbid he change anything from his ‘trusted’ 4-4-2!!!


Mong said...

Brudder, what the heck do u have against England and Sven lah wei..... Simply taruk the fellow!

Keropok said...

! Mong: Dei, Monger... that d*ck is a con-man la. I can't believe any manager could be that hapless. With the players he has, England shd have won at least 1 major tournament by now.

kickciggys said...

if it werent for the set piece abilities of that 'blond over-rated' bloke...aaron lennon will definately be wearing that number 7 without the slightest of doubts